02 January 2010

Day 2 #Daily365 - Types are not Fun #1

Okey, here we go..my second design for #Daily365 Design Something Everyday.
This illustration typography is my self project, i call this 'Types are not Fun". There is no rules about posting 2 design in a day right? because i want to finish this series as soon as possible. Cheers! :)


  1. I've really both your daily designs so far.And looking at these letters up close, they're so detailed and full of character! I think they're excellent!

  2. Thank you very much philip :D
    i'm still trying to get better at my drawing ^^

  3. like this...
    kalo udah jadi semua alphabetnya upload ke dafont.com hohoho

  4. thanks, nanti klo udah beres gue coba upload deh, hihi